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Installing Sedpa Composite Decking Board

Installing Sedpa Composite Decking Board


The use of composite decking boards and gratings

Composite decking boards and gratings are used on the ground, in residential areas such as terraces, gardens, pontoons, but also in professional areas such as restaurant terraces, swimming pool surrounds, or shopping malls... They are aesthetic like wood and practical like synthetic material, but they are also anti-slip

The installation of our decking boards and gratings is very simple.

For the decking boards, the installation system is made with stainless steel clips and screws allowing a quick installation. To install these boards on a terrace, all you need is a drill, a screwdriver and a circular saw. They are laid on a concrete screed that is not uneven, then on stabilised soil covered with geotextile to prevent weeds from growing, or on concrete blocks or on adjustable blocks that support the slabs. A slope of one cm every two metres is recommended to facilitate water drainage.

As far as gratings are concerned, all you have to do is clip the tiles together, nothing could be easier! No tools or accessories are required for a simple, quick and efficient installation.

Our Sedpa composite decking boards and gratings

Sedpa offers a range of composite products :

Residential composite decking is used for terraces, swimming pool decks and garden landscaping. They have a guaranteed durability of 10 years against termites, wood insects and fungi, are rot-proof, environmentally friendly and available in four colours (teak, redwood, chocolate and ebony). They have several advantages, such as quick and easy installation, excellent adhesion even when wet, aesthetics and ease of maintenance, and the boards do not turn grey.

Professional composite decking is designed for high traffic areas and local authorities, decking, cafes, hotels and restaurants, outdoor shopping arcades and public parks and gardens. It also has a guaranteed durability of 10 years, it is an ecological and rot-proof product and is available in two ranges (havana and robusto). Its advantages are its ecology, its quick and easy installation, its aesthetics and ease of maintenance, its exemplary durability and its high resistance to abrasion. This product does not split, splinter or unravel, and is insensitive to corrosion from salt and chlorinated water.

Coextruded composite decking boards have a 15-year guarantee against fungus, termites and wood insects. They are rot-proof and are reversible boards available in two colours (charcoal black/mahogany or amber/dark oak). This product is environmentally friendly, made of 95% recycled material, does not split, does not grey, has a low expansion coefficient, is scratch resistant, does not stain, does not rot and is resistant to mould and fungi as well as UV.

Composite gratings are used for terraces, balconies and gardens, have a guaranteed durability of 10 years and are available in two colours (colorado and maduro). In contrast to slats, gratings can be used to decorate small, regular, square or rectangular areas. However, they have the same advantages as composite boards; they are rot-proof, they have excellent adhesion, they do not crack or grey, they are quick and easy to install with a simple clip-on system and no tools are required. 

Coextruded composite gratings are used for terraces, walkways, balconies and gardens. They have a 15 year guarantee and are available in two colours (charcoal black and dark amber). The advantages are the same as for composite gratings. They are maintained by high-pressure cleaning (half power) with water.