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New products at Sedpa

New products at Sedpa


New products from Sedpa

Sedpa, your building materials supplier, is offering you new products. We'll tell you what these products are for.

Mobile protective screen

Sedpa has launched a new product that has become a highlight of the health crisis: a mobile screen pack consisting of synthetic glass, two lacquered steel supports and four fasteners. This product is ideal for preventing droplets, sprays and splashes from reaching you. It can be used to separate offices or in shops. Very light, with perfect transparency, the screen has dimensions of 900 x 600 mm with a thickness of about 5 mm. It is mobile and easy to install.

A medical protection visor

As with the mobile protective screen, the medical protective visor has become indispensable for companies, hospitals, shops, etc. Made in Europe, this one-size-fits-all visor is ultra-light with flexibility and transparency.

SPC vinyl clip-on floorboards

We also offer new SPC vinyl clip-on floorboards. This new product can be used in all living areas, especially kitchens and bathrooms (except for walk-in showers). Practical to use, your floor will be transformed. These planks are clip-on, so cutting is easy and clean. Our SPC vinyl clip-on floorboards can be laid over tiles. If you want to decorate the floors in your home, this floorboard provides great comfort. Available in several colours such as classic redwood, light grey, light oak, new poplar, rustic cedar or rustic grey.

SPC vinyl clip-in tiles for floors and walls

This product is a clip-on tile for floors and walls in all living areas such as kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms (except walk-in showers). These tiles can be unclipped and repositioned at will. Robust and perfectly compatible with underfloor heating, it can also be laid over tiles.

For your bathroom, the SPC vinyl clip-on tiles for floors and walls are waterproof with their waterproof strips including at the joints. They are available in several colours to suit everyone's taste, in black stone, grey marble, natural marble, natural stone or silver grey.