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Reasons to build a garden shed

Reasons to build a garden shed


Why build a garden shed ?

There are many benefits to building a garden shed. If you are looking for space and storage, a garden shed is the ideal solution if you don't want to store your stuff in your garage.

The garden shed is primarily a storage shed, you can store your gardening tools, bikes, skis, firewood, a garden shed between 6 and 10m² is ideal. You can also use it as a workshop for DIY or gardening, prefer a shed of 15m². Additional living space is also possible, you can convert your garden shed into a spare bedroom for your friends or a sports room for you and your family, a garden shed between 15 and 20m² will be perfect... Various possibilities are possible and imaginable.

The materials of choice are wood, metal, PVC and resin. If you want a wooden garden shed, we advise you to choose between natural pine, spruce, fir, cedar or autoclave wood.

For the floor of the shed, you have the option of using a concrete slab, a floor on stilts or installing concrete blocks to hold the floor of your shed.

The main steps in the construction of your shed are the preparation of the ground, the assembly of the framework and finally the installation of the roof covering.

The first thing to remember is to obtain planning permission and to check with your local council before you start building.

Installing a garden shed with Sedpa

Sedpa offers a number of products to help you build a garden shed in your outdoor space while providing maximum efficiency: S12 lacquered ribbed sheets, galvanised steel tile panels, bituminous corrugated sheets, CE bituminous flat shingle roll.

The S12 lacquered ribbed sheets have a guaranteed durability of 10 years and are available in three colours (red, grey and camouflage). The advantages of this product are its low cost, lightness, strength, waterproofing, ease of installation, durability and ease of transport. This product can be used for roofing or cladding, for new buildings or for renovation.

The galvanised steel tile panels also have a 10-year life span. They are available in two colours (anthracite and red brown). The advantages are lightness, quick and easy installation, economy, longevity and ease of transport. This product can also be used without cutting. These panels are ideal for garden sheds. They are suitable for both renovation and new roofing.

The corrugated asphalt sheets have a durability of 10 years. They are available in three colours (black, red and green). Its advantages are its lightness, ease of use, economy, environmental friendliness and wind resistance. They are corrugated, bituminous sheets, intended for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

Like all Sedpa products, the CE flat asphalt shingle roll, also known as Top Shingle, has a 10-year life span. It is available in three colours (charcoal grey, red and green). It is impact resistant, easy to use, good value for money, windproof, waterproof, frostproof, weatherproof, heatproof and sunproof. It can be used to cover new or old buildings quickly and easily.

Now you can install a garden shed with Sedpa materials and have a quality roof covering !