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Using recyclable materials with Sedpa

Using recyclable materials with Sedpa


Using recyclable products

Recyclable building materials have been used more and more over the years, as the topic of ecology and recycling continues to evolve and grow in importance. In addition to protecting the environment, these recyclable materials have many advantages, such as their low cost, insulating qualities, longevity and durability, and not to mention their low environmental impact. Renewable materials are considered to be environmentally friendly if their transportation and processing consumes little energy for the planet.

The most recycled materials are generally those that are most easily recycled or consumed. To be recycled, the path is quite long and varies according to the material. Before a product can be recycled, its recyclability must be measured. It is important to determine whether it can be introduced into a production process.

The main materials that can be recycled are timber, clay bricks, insulation materials such as hemp wool, wood wool, but also cellulose-based products and steel. There are also plastics, glass, aluminium, paper and cardboard...

We offer recyclable materials at Sedpa

Sedpa offers a number of recyclable products. The environment is an important cause for us. Here are some of the recyclable products we offer for sale. You can find all of our recyclable products on our website.

The corrugated PVC sheets have a 5 year guarantee. They are translucent roofing sheets with multi-purpose applications. They can be used for roofing, cladding, shelters, canopies and greenhouses, lighting, forcing tunnels, patios and canopies. The advantages of this product are its UV resistance, shock and impact resistance, corrosion resistance, ease of use and B-S1-d reaction to fire.

The polypropylene cellular sheets are environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and available in 9 colours. These sheets are perfect for do-it-yourself, hobby, advertising signs, boxes, signage... Its advantages are its use both indoors and outdoors, its resistance to temperature variations, its resistance to grease and oil, its resistance to water, its lightness, its flexibility, its economic cost, its ecology, its non-toxicity.

Corrugated polyester sheets have a guaranteed durability of 10 years. This product is recyclable, with excellent resistance to climatic variations and natural aggressions. It has good UV stability. It also has a good price/quality ratio, is easy to install and is impact resistant. It can be used for roofing, lighting, cladding, greenhouses, forcing tunnels, shelters and canopies.

The composite fibre panel is a recycled and 100% recyclable product, it is an environmentally friendly product. It has a guaranteed durability of 10 years against termite attack, wood insects and fungi and is available in 2 colours: natural matt or black matt with a smooth appearance. It is used in kitchens, bathrooms and pool houses, boat fittings, cabins, lockers and changing rooms, formwork, stands and prints, for signage, advertising boards, acoustic barriers and door and window surrounds. Its advantages are that it can be used indoors and outdoors, that it is environmentally friendly, that it is strong (it does not crack and is dimensionally stable), that it is electrically insulating, rot-proof, waterproof and self-extinguishing, that it is light, odourless and non-toxic, and that it is resistant to heat, cold, weather and UV.

The professional composite decking boards have a durability of 10 years, they are rot-proof and exist in 2 ranges: Havana and Robusto. They are recyclable and environmentally friendly. Its advantages are its exemplary durability and high resistance to abrasion, its aesthetics and ease of maintenance, its ecology, its simple and quick installation, and its perfect adherence, even when wet. This product does not crack, splinter or unravel.