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Choosing the right building materials

Choosing the right building materials


Choosing your building materials

It is important to choose the right building materials when renovating or building, as they contribute to the quality of the construction and its longevity. But there are many different building materials, so what should you choose between concrete, wood and brick? For which price, which criteria and which suppliers? Sedpa gives you advice on how to choose your building materials.

Choosing your building materials: what criteria ?

There are four main criteria for choosing building materials for your home. The first is the price, depending on your budget, the insulation capacity of the materials, their appearance and their resistance. Do not hesitate to check these different criteria before buying materials.

Choosing building materials: what price ?

If you are carrying out your work as a self-builder, the price of the building materials will account for the whole of your budget. It is therefore important to define the price range you intend to spend. Prices depend on the type of materials, the economic climate, the region and the type of work you are doing. There is a wide range of different building materials at different prices, but we advise you to buy slightly more expensive materials, not cheap ones, to ensure durability and quality.

According to Travaux Maçonnerie, you should count :

-Between 0.80 and 1 € per breeze block,

-Between 0.50 and 8 € per brick,

-Between 3.50 and 9 € for cellular concrete,

-Between 2 and 8 € per m² of plasterboard,

-Between 6 and 20 € per 35 kg bag of cement,

-Between €8 and €15 per 20 kg bag of façade plaster,

-Between 5 and 20 € per m² of steel sheets,

-Between 20 and 60 € per m² of tiles,

-Between 60 and 70 € per m² of slates,

-Between 5 and 50 € per m² of flexible flooring,

-Between 5 and 100 € per m² of tiles,

-Between 10 and 100 € per m² of parquet,

-Between 2 and 3 € per m² of insulation,

-Between €10 and €70 per m² for façade cladding.

The price depends mainly on the quality of the material, the quantity and where you buy it.

Choosing your building materials: where to buy ?

You can buy your building materials in several different places. The price and quality will depend on where you go. There are several possible suppliers: general supermarkets, DIY stores, specialist building materials shops, traders or online shopping. Don't hesitate to go to several places to compare prices, look at reviews to find out more about the quality of the product. If you want to save money, wait for the sales.

Choosing building materials with Sedpa

Sedpa, a supplier of building materials, offers a range of innovative and creative products of high quality, environmentally friendly, with high durability rates at affordable prices for all types of use (new buildings, partitions, industrial roofing, cladding etc.). Please feel free to browse our product catalogue and request a quote if you wish.