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Choosing the right composite fence boards

Choosing the right composite fence boards


What is wood composite?

Wood composite is a mixture of materials composed of wood fiber and plastic resin (polypropylene, polyethylene or PVC); about 50% of each.

To this are added pigments that determine the color of the board, as well as an additive that gives it a high resistance to weathering and external attacks.

Composite wood is more resistant than resinous wood and is available in several colors. In addition, this material perfectly imitates the appearance of natural wood.

The advantages of wood composite

A maintenance-free material

The plastic resin and additive contained in composite wood make this material highly resistant to humidity and rot-proof. No fungus or mildew will infiltrate its fibers. Moreover, this material does not risk deformation or warping, which gives it an unequalled lifespan.

Unlike traditional wood, which requires regular maintenance: varnish, paint, treatment, etc., composite wood requires only annual cleaning.

Composite wood also prevents discoloration. Indeed, even after several years, the color will not change.

A wide choice of colors

To suit all tastes, composite fence slats are available in several colors:

- Anthracite: create a modern atmosphere with a designer fence.

- Teak: goes perfectly with many different styles thanks to its natural wood color.

- Ipe: darker than teak, ipe also replicates the color of natural wood.

- Light gray or sand: these colors are less messy than white and will bring softness for a refined atmosphere.

Customizable fences

You can choose to stack different-looking slats by mixing two colors or two materials, with a composite/aluminum combination for example, which will break the linear aspect of the fence.

Mono-extruded and coextruded blades: the differences

Coextruded blades have a thin protective layer of polyethylene that will coat the blade and protect it in depth.

The main advantages of the co-extrusion process are

- UV protection that offers a better guarantee against fading

- A better resistance to humidity

- A longer life span

- A look closer to natural wood

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