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How to choose your interior flooring?

How to choose your interior flooring?


Which flooring to choose for which room?

For water features:

For rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom, it is best to choose a waterproof, easy to maintain, durable and non-slip covering.

- Tile: The number 1 choice thanks to its water resistance and ease of maintenance. Tiles offer a wide range of materials, types and formats (cement tiles, imitation wood or concrete, etc.).
- PVC: Very resistant to stains, humidity and easy to maintain. It is a good sound insulator, easy to install, for a low cost. PVC floors offer a wide choice of colours, looks and finishes.
- Solid parquet: Can be installed without problem in a water room if it is made of exotic wood or treated against humidity. This type of parquet will bring elegance to your room. For a kitchen, it will have to be vitrified or varnished.
- Laminate: Easy to maintain and resistant, it can be installed in the bathroom if it is compatible with «wet rooms». Easy to install and warm, it can give the appearance of wood and is inexpensive.

For the living parts:

All types of flooring can be installed in a living room or dining room. The coating must be solid, aesthetic and comfortable. So you can opt for tiles as well as floating or solid parquet, laminate flooring, PVC flooring, or vinyl flooring.

For rooms:

The criteria to take into account when choosing the ideal covering in a bedroom are the warmth, the sound insulation important for sleep and the comfort under your feet.

You can opt for:

- Parquet and laminate
- Carpet:
Comfortable, easy to install and offers very good thermal and sound insulation. Also think about possible allergies, with a carpet treated with anti-acaries for example.
- Polished concrete: Very resistant and easy to maintain, it offers good thermal inertia. You will have a large choice of colors, aspects and finishes.
- Natural fiber floors: Seagrass, Sisal or Coconut. Environmentally friendly, they are rot-proof and provide good sound insulation.

For the entrance and hallways:

Preferably choose a floor that is easy to maintain and resistant to regular traffic.

- Tile
- Linoleum:
Ecological and antibacterial, this type of floor is easy to install, inexpensive and resists stains and scratches.

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