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Renovate your house to make it more ecological

Renovate your house to make it more ecological


Conduct an energy audit

The energy audit will allow you to take stock of the strengths and weaknesses of your home. For this you can contact specialized professionals.

Thanks to the energy balance, you will be able to determine the renovation priorities and know which works you will need to do first: insulation of the walls or the frame, changing the heating or ventilation system, etc.


Insulating walls, frames or floors is essential to prevent heat loss and make your home more energy efficient.

If your frame is damaged, nearly 30% of energy losses pass through it.

The older your house is, the more significant the losses can be, especially because of the roof. These are called "thermal strainers".

To stay in an ecological approach, consider using natural insulation for the thermal renovation of your home: wood fiber, linen, hemp wool, etc.

The heating

You can opt for a more environmentally friendly heating mode to make your home more environmentally friendly. Why not choose equipment that uses renewable energy? Heat pump, wood stove, pellet boiler, solar and photovoltaic hybrid panels, etc.

These solutions will allow you to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your home but also reduce your energy bill.

The breakdown

The ventilation system allows air to flow from one room to another and from the inside to the outside. So it goes hand in hand with insulation. A good air exchange avoids condensation and mould problems that could damage your home or push you to increase heating or air conditioning.

A poorly ventilated house therefore leads to energy losses and poor indoor air quality.

You can install a VMC (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation): humidity sensitive, double flow, single flow, etc. To know which type of VMC to choose, refer to the energy audit to know the humidity of your home.

Making your home greener requires a significant financial investment. Help is available to help you finance your work: MaPrimeRenov, reduced-rate VAT, zero-rate Eco-loan, etc.

A question? SEDPA advises and guides you in the choice of materials for your renovation work. Contact us.