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Renovate your roof

Renovate your roof


Renovating your roof

Many homeowners have to think about renovating their roofs at some point, because roof damage can sometimes affect the safety of the inhabitants. It is therefore important to insulate the roof, to review its waterproofing and to change the roofing in order to live in a healthy house. A regular check-up is therefore essential to verify its condition. A 40 year old roof should be checked every year by a roofer. A roof that is 20 years old should be checked every two years, and every 10 years if it is new. These precautionary measures are essential for the safety of your home.

The work is often costly; for attics, it is usually between 10 and 15 € per m² and about 55 € per m² for the installation of new canal tiles.

Solutions exist to renovate your roof at a lower cost, such as the sustainable development tax credit, which allows you to benefit from a tax reduction if you re-insulate your roof, the zero-interest eco-loan, and ANAH (national housing agency) aid to help you carry out roof renovation work.  

Our Sedpa products for your roof renovation

Sedpa offers several products for repairing or renovating your roof.

The pevacryl cover sheets have a guaranteed durability of 10 years on mechanical properties and are available in 4 profiles. They can be used for secondary constructions, renovations, storage areas, sheds, shelters and courtyards. They are resistant to thermal variations and to acid and alkaline environments, quick and easy to install, lightweight, fire resistant with self-extinguishing CL.1 materials and good value for money. These panels are ideal for the creation of a "tile-like" roof.

The tile panel in lacquered galvanised steel have a guaranteed durability of 10 years on the waterproofing. They are available in two colours: anthracite and red brown. They are intended for roofing glasshouses, shelters, industrial or agricultural premises, industrial roofing or garages and canopies. Its advantages are economic cost, lightness, robustness, watertightness, ease of installation and longevity. This product is made of zinc and a polyester paint.

Corrugated fibre cement sheet are asbestos-free corrugated sheets with a guaranteed durability of 10 years. These sheets are available in two colours, grey and red. They can be used on new buildings or renovations, on industrial or agricultural buildings and on industrial roofing. They are rot-proof, non-combustible, durable, frost-proof, condensation-proof and easy to install.

Asphalt corrugated sheet are guaranteed for 10 years and are available in black, red and green. They are designed for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts and are ideal for traditional building elements such as carports, shelters, industrial and agricultural sheds, and renovations. The advantages are lightness, ease of use, economic cost and good wind resistance.

HPL laminate decorative cladding panel are compact laminate panels made from paper fibres impregnated with phenolic resin. They also have a guaranteed durability of 10 years, and come in 4 colours: cream, anthracite, quartz grey, black. They are robust, easy to install, impact resistant, aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. They can be used for durable facade cladding in new buildings or renovation, for balconies and railings, for exterior fittings, decoration, signage and billboards.

You can now renovate your roof with Sedpa materials with complete peace of mind. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.